Organization Development Services

Corporate Leadership and Organization Change

At LTC2 Consulting we bring real-world tested, solutions to your unique problems. By working with us, you will have the benefit of over 150-years of combined leadership experience in the Department of Defense, and the U.S. government at the highest levels of the cabinet.

Training your multi-national, diverse workforce will seem easy when we apply the experience gained from a West Point education, training and leading U.S. military troops, and training and advising 40,000 Afghan National Security Forces to prepare for national elections and counter-terrorist insurgencies.

Public Speaking

Do you need to inform, motivate, inspire, or transform the lives of your team?

We have a public speaking solution for you.

  • Speech writing
  • Keynote speakers in the areas of:
  • Informational – Delivering information
  • Motivational – Causing people to want to move in a new direction
  • Inspirational – Stimulating a feeling or emotion to cause someone to want to take an action
  • Transformational – Informing, motivating, and inspiring people to create a major life altering change
  • Dynamic presentation content

Aerospace – Defense and Commercial Operations

Why trust LTC2 Consulting with your Aerospace operations? Aerospace operations is an area where LTC2 Consultant and CEO, Ron Lewis has technical expertise—piloting in the United States military for over 25-years with a record of:
  • Over 2,500 flight hours
  • More than 1,000 combat flight hours
  • Distinguished Flying Cross recipient and earned the status of Aviation Unit of the Year, with two unit commands
  • Tested new helicopters and took them into combat—including the newest CH-47F—Chinook for its first-time use in combat in Afghanistan
  • Piloted the UH-60M model’s first-time field use in combat
  • Commanded unmanned aircraft units for reconnaissance and surveillance

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National and Global Security and Defense

National and global security and defense is a challenging industry to break into or expand in. If you are an experienced organization or a startup company in the national and global security and defense industry LTC2 has a consulting team that brings both experience and Washington, D.C access to your national and global security and defense projects.

LTC2 Access and Connections

  • LTC2 Consulting has offices in Virginia Beach, VA, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, MD
  • We conduct D.C. think tank participation to maintain relevance in national and global defense matters

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