US East Coast recent ravages by hurricanes have left local businesses and government organizations dazed by the negative effects. LTC2 Consulting, LLC possess the skill set necessary to help businesses and organizations improve the current situation caused by the devastation, and fortify them to minimize the impact of future disasters.

With its aim to help businesses and government organizations dealing with these disaster situations, as well as better prepare them for future problems and crises that may arise, this trusted crisis management firm extend its services to local clients.

LTC2 Consulting is committed to helping government organizations and businesses better themselves by means of leadership development, business culture change management and highly strategic planning. LTC2 Consulting also brings forth a network of talented, qualified and competent veteran business coaches to work in partnership with many different organizations. Yet in this case, it is their swift and precise After Action Crisis Planning that will best serve local businesses and government agencies.

At LTC2 their client’s toughest problems become LTC2’s highest priorities. Inevitably, local and national organizations and businesses face crises, yet too many are not well prepared to deal with them. Because of the LTC2 Consulting contributing partners and their military backgrounds, they are keenly and uniquely aware and qualified with the skills to train businesses to respond effectively in crisis situations.

LTC2 Consulting makes use of a multitude of proven methods and strategies to identify risks and establish plans to reduce crisis for businesses and government organizations. Their methodologies are particularly key for those on the East Coast of the USA, who have been negatively affected by the recent natural disasters.

They work together with their clients to define, create and verify everything from; crisis security, risk management, business continuity, crisis communications, emergency management, disaster preparedness, disaster recovery, business continuity and organizational resilience, and clear communication channels are reached.

Clearly, with great planning in place, organizations can take steps to minimize the potential impact of a disaster and ideally prevent them happening in the first place.

In addition to crisis management, LTC2 Consulting also offers leadership consulting services. Resilient leaders are known to drive adaptation, change and problem solving. Therefore, LTC2 often begins their partnerships with effective leadership training.

As business growth is key for sustainability, LTC2’s proven method of organizational change management strategies and techniques will drive individuals and therefore businesses towards practical and sustainable solutions, resulting in their ultimate growth.

During the period of changes in the market, technology, human capital, and natural disasters, businesses must plan and resolve to evolve in order to remain profitable and relevant.

When it comes to management consulting, defense consulting, crisis management leadership consulting, LTC2 Consulting is a name that clients can trust. There are known factors that set the company apart from all the rest of consulting firms offering similar services. LTC2 Consulting, LLC is composed of a team of experienced and competent combat veteran coaches. They have already experienced leading complex, blended and large organizations and have established impressive global experience and networks.

This leadership consulting and crisis management firm is highly sought after when it comes to professional consulting services. They bring innovative applications of techniques, expertise and tool to every challenge.

Other notable capabilities that that LTC2 possess and brings with them when working with clients to either resolve, plan and mitigate problems is; their combined massive analytical experiences, military values and work ethics, C Suite experience from the major sectors, commercial, Defense, and Aerospace. As well, their team is made up of individuals with years of multi certified training and experienced coaching staffs. LTC2 Consulting is client-focused, and they give personal touch all the services they deliver.

As one of the most dependable defense consulting firms, the company is also committed to defending the nation, training leadership and imparting organizational skills which are directly transferable into the business world. As veterans, they have learned team building and understand the complexities of relationships. Additionally, they have learned how to deal with adversity with resilience from within.

LTC2 Consulting is noted for its spirit to continue motivating businesses and works hard to work in partnership with a multitude of different organizations from widely different sectors.

LTC2 Consulting has the capability to make businesses even better and far more prepared for whatever crisis may arise in the future. The company firmly believes that if a business is working to improve its’ performance and generate more efficient work atmosphere, as well as, better managed the interests of all shareholders, then they must consider the essential difference well-developed leadership can make. LTC2 Consulting believes that it is their obligation to help companies make these positive changes in their area of expertise.


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