What’s the big idea: LTC2 Global Consulting is a minority and service disabled veteran owned company. It is built around three major areas of expertise: global/national defense; corporate leadership/organizational change; and aerospace (defense and commercial). The company provides three key services in those areas of expertise: Consulting; publishing; and speaking. New to the Virginia Beach area, I think the company can be of service to the Reinvent Hampton Roads initiative.

Do you remember the moment you decided to start your business/What was that like? I decided to start the company after retiring with 30 years of service in the Army. I thought this would provide a great way to continue to serve the country and take advantage of the experiences I have had leading America’s soldiers and serving at the highest levels of defense. I must admit it was a very different and exciting feeling to step out into the community as your own brand after so many years in uniform. Denise and I are excited to join the Hampton Roads team!

What motivates you? I am motivated to translate military experiences, leadership opportunities in combat and training and lessons learned traveling the globe into something useful for the commercial business sector, youth and veterans in Hampton Roads. I’m motivated to make a difference for my family and the community. I want to wake up everyday knowing I continued to serve this country that gave me and my family tremendous opportunity.

Biggest challenges so far? The biggest challenges so far in this first two months of existence have been getting all the small business requirements completed and networking with clients to get the company launched. Jim Carroll at the SBDC was hugely instrumental and I appreciate his efforts.

How do you define success? Success will be partnering with businesses in Hampton Roads to improve leadership and growth on the commercial side, making a difference with our upcoming youth leaders, and representing and assisting the veteran military community in the area.


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